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  1. Hello Madam,

    Sorry for late reply and hope you are fine and thanx for your gift. We wish you good your health and we are missing you and waiting come back to Nepal for your vacation.
    Your brother
    Prem Kumar Gurung
    Kathmadu nepal

    1. Hi Philippa
      Thanks for the comment
      I’m in Bristol at the moment with Mark and his family.
      I need to find a place to live and some work I think.
      I hope to be in London for Cassi’s birthday on 6th of November, so maybe we could arrange to meet up.
      Love xxx


    wherever you are : enjoy it!!!

    Big hug xxxx

  3. Hello Rowan. Its a while since I looked at your blog and now I see your wonderful photos in New Zealand–what a contrast to the East.
    Just want to wish you HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2014.


  4. Saw the link to your blog on the new Servas Britain Facebook. You have some wonderful photos of the amazing place you visited. Glad you enjoyed stating with Servas hosts – even if you couldn’t reach the gannets we were there 25 years ago & found it amazing.

  5. mmmmmmmm. Amazing adventure. Good to hear there are people to travel with and share the mysteries in time itself. So rich and colourful.


  6. Hi Rowan. It looks like you are having a fab time and you are seeing so many amazing things. I am enjoying reading about your adventures and seeing all the lovely photos. Take car. Love Dawn xx

  7. What a fabulous journey! I look forward to reading each post just as you no doubt look forward to living it! Greetings from La Foux xxx

  8. Bon anniversaire avec un peut de retard ! poursuis bien ton voyage et continu de mettre a jour ton blog pour tes amis qui sont dans leur quotidien qui est quand même interressant je t’embrasse

  9. Hi Rowan, really enjoying your photos and impressions of your African travels – thank you for sharing them with us. I’ve posted a few comments on your blog – hope you’ve seen them. I don’t know if I mentioned this to you, but my nephew James set up a charity project in Nepal to build a library in the village of Ulleri, not far from Annapurna. No road there, it’s well-known on the trekkers’ trail as having over 3000 steps to reach it. (Though you can take several days instead by taking a roundabout route.) James has local contacts there who could help with treks etc, if you’d like some details. You might want to see the library, which is just in the final stages of completion. The grand opening is in early May (May 9th?) and I hope to be there myself. Will you still be in Nepal then?

  10. Hi Rowan
    you seem to be having a great time and all the photos are amazing .I’m loving following your progress, this is a great way to communicate. wishing you all the best for this new year . we are away for 8 days from next week , going to Turkey on a culture tour
    will keep in touch
    Love Julie

  11. As the wind and rain whistled round my house, I wondered where you had got to in your adventures to warmer climes… the blog and the photos. Hope all is going well.
    Very happy New Year to you from all of us shivering here in our gumbootsXXX

  12. Hello dear

    Finally got time to sit down and browse your journey, images and thoughts. So pleased you’re having such a rich adventure. Will keep an only slightly envious eye out for your posts, and think about you in your (re)new(ed) destinations. Hope wherever you are for Christmas brings you the best of times. Love John (and Penny, who will look in too)x

  13. Hi Rowan. Looks like you are having a lot of fun and seeing lots of magnificent things. Am enjoying seeing all your photo’s. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world. Look forward to seeing more pics. Keep safe. Lots of love and best wishes. xxxx

  14. Hi Rowan.

    It looks fantastic and sounds like you are enjoying it. It’s great to be able to follow your progress. Keep posting!

    Love Dawn x

  15. What an amazing trip, Rowan. The elephants looked gorgeous and what selfless, worthwhile people you’re meeting. Do keep the posts coming – it’s also lovely to see pics of sun-drenched Kenya when we’re lurching into a sodden autumn.
    Stay safe!
    Sally x

  16. Hi Rowan
    thanks for the link, it sounds as if you are having a great time and seeing so much wild life and meeting great people . will continue to follow your progress
    I have three weeks to go before retirement and I’m getting quite excited
    take care
    Love Julie

  17. Sounds all so lovely… I’m glad your having a lovely time. It’s getting all cold up here, got the heating on, and it’s not doing much good, and there’s no cool thunder storms i there.
    Missing you to, but cant help feeling happy for you. xxx
    Love you. xxxxxx

  18. Sounds and looks like a wonderful adventure Rowan. Oh the bliss of the freedom! Keep trucking as Tim Sims would say–I think its connected to the Grateful dead. Winding down in my head to Christmas break here. Look forward to hearing more about your travels. love philippa

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