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For correspondence please email me, I will be out of communication some of the time, but I will pick up email when ever possible:

I have a Uk phone number, I will turn it on from time to time, but I will use local mobile phone numbers when I can. I will post the latest ones on this page:

Current: Kenya Mobile number :   (+254)  0719 784 341

You can leave me a message on this website on the messages page.


9 thoughts on “Contact Details

  1. Dear Rosen
    Are you the Rowan Ferguson who was at St Philomena’s convent in Derby. If you are, it would be great to catch up. I am Maureen Pierce. I’m currently based in London but have a similar globe trotting habit.

    1. Hello Maureen
      I replied to your comment via your email address, but your server would not accept it.
      Hope you pick this copy up.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      The great thing about my blog is that it has meant that people from my past have been in contact, when I thought they were out of my life for good.

      I’ve been living in Wells, Somerset, for the past year, but struggling a bit to adjust to the weather and the political climate.

      I do sometimes get to London now, (I lived in Dalston, Hackney, for eight years in the late 70’s-early 80’s), but only for particular occasions. Do you ever find yourself in the West Country?

      Anyway, you correctly identified me and I would love to hear more about you.
      Rowan x

  2. This is a terrific adventure you are on. I was part of a group that in the early 1970s traveled a loop around North Africa. It included a Rowan, an English woman with an adventurous spirit like yours. Was that you?

    1. John!
      Yes, it was me.
      Sorry I didn’t pick this up earlier. I was in the Pantanal with no WiFi.
      Where are you?
      I have so many memories of our time together.
      Rowan xxx

      1. Rowan:
        We are in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We’ve made a life here, two children and two grandchildren. Renee teaches. I work in a library. But a little less than a year from now I can retire, and I want to get away from snowy winters.
        You look so happy in these photographs. And you are so brave, and able. What a terrific journal. You will be an inspirational, magical character for your grandchildren. Thanks for remembering me. I can never forget you leading me home when I was helpless at the beach in Taghazout. If you are ever, ever close to this part of the world, our home is your home.
        John & Renee

        1. Dear John & Renee
          Good to hear you’re still together.
          My daughter’s name is Eleanor Renee, by the way.
          I think the closest I will get to you is Winnipeg, which is not close at all.
          However, my email address is

          if you want to stay in touch.
          I will probably be back in the UK for Christmas, as I have 4 grandchildren to catch up with.
          Love to both of you
          Rowan xxx

  3. Hello Rowan, please tell me how you are? While you are in SA
    There is always a bed for you in fish Hoek ,

    Irene, Fish Hoek

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