New Plymouth 05/01/15

I am approaching the end of my time here and I’ve been thinking about some of my lasting impressions of New Zealand.

In the Maori culture, carving is of great significance, especially on their boats and around the thresholds of the Marae, or community houses.

As in many other cultures, weaving is a primary craft for the women, but here it is native flax and the “cabbage tree”, (see photo), that are the most utilised.

In the South Island, as well as the snow-covered mountains, the lakes and coastlines, I was struck by the slate-blue braided rivers running along steel-grey gravel beds brightened by yellow lupins.

The museums, gardens and art galleries are impressive and there is a sense of fun and community.

There are pianos outdoors in many of the cities, loved by children and talented amateurs alike.

Yesterday I went to the Festival of Lights here in New Plymouth- free music, film and illuminations in the park nearby .


Friendly people and extraordinary wildlife. What more can I say?


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  1. Hi Rowan,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your NZ adventure – so glad to hear you’re loving my homeland! Can’t wait to see where you go next. Safe travels and happy new year.

    Lots of love from Nick and I.

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