Bangkok, Thursday 10/04/14

Today I decided to go to Siam Square, for no good reason other than it is close to where I’m staying.
Started at Siam Paragon. Had no idea what this is. It turns out it is an eight storey mall like you wouldn’t believe. There is one floor denominated “luxury”. The semi-basement is a food hall and multi-restaurant. This is not like the South African food markets, where you each choose what you want, then eat together, but instead a collection of bistros with food from all around the world. I confess I broke down and had tacos with cheese and guacamole – it was so good!
There are clothes and toys and books and just about everything on earth you think you might want to buy. It makes Westfield look anaemic.
Then you cross a square and you enter Siam Center. This is a another mall, but hipper. It’s like an endless boutique from the sixties, with low lighting and arty window dressing, but with a typically odd Thai twist.


< 20140410-190009.jpg


Then it’s on to Saim Discovery, full of lifestyle boutiques, accessories, an area called “men’s technics”, Madam Tussauds and an ice rink.

Seating area at a Japanese Restaurant.

Sample of nails (as in finger) in shop window.

I believe I had found the beating heart of Bangkok. Consumerism in all it’s forms. Then I descended to the street and found they were selling even more stuff there – but much cheaper.

I think that things may be a little different in Myanmar, where I’m going tomorrow.

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