Thursday, 2nd January, 2014

On Christmas Eve we set of for the Serengeti reserve, but to get there we had to go up the side of the Ngorongoro crater. This felt like travelling into The Lost World. Tall trees reach out of the crevices, the sides are lush with vegetation and you peer down onto the plain below.


But we also saw a Serval, a bat-eared fox, Dik Dik and many other animals. In the evening of Christmas Day we sat around the camp fire on the edge of the crater and sang songs and told each other about what we all usually do for Christmas. There are 19 of us, 8 from Australia and a mix of others, from Canadian to Swedish. It’s a really good group who are getting on well. We’ve had lots of fun and they have been very kind to me.
No time to tell you more today, but after the game parks we were off on the road to Zanzibar

We drove for miles and only saw Maasai cattle. But the Serengeti did not disappoint us in the end. We saw a leopard tail hanging from a tree and there was the cat, dozing and stretching in the shade, rolling over
on it’s back and staring back at us.
Over the next two days we saw lions, cheetahs and elephants from close quarters.





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