Sunday 15/12/13

Had a great night out on Friday
A new party of guests came to Jambo House and they agreed to let me join them for a dhow trip to watch the sunset and have a fish dinner. Roger, Brian and Arthur were from Niarobi, had recently graduated and are involved in the production of a satirical TV programme a bit like Spitting Image I think and the channel associated with it. Ben is an American who has travelled extensively and is the creative sort and he was with his girlfriend, Shiko, who was having her birthday.
It was very kind of them to accept me. The night was beautiful, the food cooked on board by the crew spicy and delicious and the company a delight.


I’ve now left Jambo House as it was all booked up. Arnold, who runs it, is very knowledgable and anxious to please. It has good recommendations from TripAdvisor.

Where I am now is SunSail Hotel which is right on the quay.




It’s twilight, I’m drinking ginger beer and watching the passersby.

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