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Friday 10/01/2014

Have only got a few more minutes to add to this blog so can’t bring you up to date
However I am now in Livingstone, Zambia on the last day of my overland trip
Re-reading the last post, the two last paragraphs appear to have got muddled, so sorry that it doesn’t make
good sense
To continue
On leaving Serengeti I was sitting in the 4×4 looking out while the others were sleeping when I saw something extraordinary. The driver stopped and the others followed and we all got out. Forty- two giraffes were collected in a single place, some on the move but most just standing there, though there were no trees to eat and no apparent reason for them all to be there. No picture I’m afraid as it was too vast for my phone to capture well – but most memorable
No time to say more but will try to do so over the next couple of days.